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Long Division Games Pro: Making My Child Love Long Division!

I simply dreaded the word 'MATH'. Furthermore, I kept wondering on the consequences of teaching maths to my children as I was very weak at it. One day, my kid studying in the fourth grade rushed to me and told me that he was taught long division and he didn't know how to do it. He was in tears as his class mates teased him. I was devastated and didn't know the way out! I started searching for different math apps on my android phone. I came across an excellent app which washed away my worries of how to do long division.

long division5

long division 3

Long division2


Long division Games Lite

I first decided to use the trial version of the game which was free. It is known as Long Division Games Lite. It had a simple formula which helped my child in answering 10 long division sums. The most funny and interesting part loved by my child was the 'Mizard interaction'. Mizards are the little friendly characters introduced in the game which made the division process really easy for my child. This version of the app is compatible with 7” and higher tablets and my child found it quite attractive!

Long Division Games Pro

As my kid loved the the trial version of this long division game, I decided to download the Long Division Games Pro version by buying as it came with quite an affordable price. This version is led by a mizard named 'Pops' who simplifies the long division problems. There are several other features like 'hint' 'support' and 'interactive videos'; pertaining to which the long division is made easy. The best part about this app is that you don't even require internet to run this app continuously.

Master Mizard

Just in few days, my kid had mastered the tricks of long division. He also shared the information about this game with his friends who were searching for long division games. My kid could unlock each level in no time and had become Master Mizard. He can also create new sums and increase the difficulty level of long division sums through this app.

I strongly recommend this app for the parents who are willing to know how is long division made easy. Download it to check it out for yourself!

Celebrate Easter and Springtime at Hotels in Kent and Enjoy These Activities!

Spring and Easter is the best combination ever! Especially when you are looking forward to have a break with your family. Kent is a great place to be during Easter time as there are several activities to enjoy during your stay at hotels in Kent. So before you book a good hotel from a trustworthy website, have a look at the following activities:

Fun for children

The grounds of the Leeds Castle look vivacious and full of colours during Easter. Your children can Indulge in creating animal masks and they can go to Bunny Burrows by following the trail on the grounds. They are rewarded with chocolate bunnies at the end of the game. The younger lot of children can enjoy at the Knights' Realm adventure ground and play hide and seek at the maze.

Literature love

Even if you stay at one of the cheap hotels, you can never fall short of activities to indulge in during Christmas. Visit Dicken's World and discover your literature love by knowing about the life and works of the novelists based in Britain. By visiting this place you will be able to know a lot about Dickensian England and the streets during 19th Century.

Animal adventure

No need to go to Africa in order to discover wildlife. Some of the boutique hotels offer packages to their guests wherein they can
go for watching black and wild rhinos, African elephants, Indian tigers, monkeys and a lot more. Try being a zoo keeper at these places for a day and you will love the thrill!

Cathedral and churches

The Canterbury Cathedral based in Kent is quite near to the hotels. It attracts thousands of visitors and pilgrims throughout the year! Go for exploring this historic place and the city. During Easter time you can spectacle the performance of Stainer's Crucifixion.

Kent is a great place to be during Easter and spring time. Start looking for cheap hotels in Kent and strike the best deal for you and your family!

Things to do in London: Grab An Advantage of Easter Festivities !

Easter is coming soon, when the world celebrates Jesus's resurrection after his crucifixion. This is the time when there will be many things to do in London this week as the city will gear up to celebrate Easter.

For the tourists who are wondering what to do in London this weekend or month, they need not worry. They can start with having a feast at Trafalgar Square on St. George's Day.

Feast at the Trafalgar Square

The Easter Monday will see St. George's Day being celebrated once again in Trafalgar Square. It will include lots of live fun, music, dancing, frolics, entertainment etc. Children can enjoy the jesters and jugglers showing their skills and entertaining audience, while elders can move around the market and see art pieces.

Movie watching

The other best things to do in London during the Easter time is to visit the theaters and see some of the best 20 classic movies and music shows like the Lion King, the Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Billy Elliot-musical, I Cant Sing-the musical, Wicked-Musical, etc. These shows can be enjoyed in a discounted ticket price, which will make the day for theater lovers.

Celebrate Shakespeare's bday

Speaking of theater and history, London will also celebrate William Shakespeare's 450th birthday this year. Visitors can grab the chance of seeing various theater plays of Shakespeare by skilled artists. The Globe Theater will be offering standing yard tickets for 450 pence to people who will quote 'Birthday offer' on the phone in honor of Shakespeare. This is one of the best things to do in London for sure.

Other activities

Travelers who are still wondering on what to do in London more during Easter can visit the Kensington Palace and participate in the Easter Egg trail in the royal gardens. They might even get the chance to see the royal couple Prince William and his beautiful wife Kate with their baby Prince George.

For more information, visit a popular website for similar best things to do in London activities during the Easter time.

Professional Cleaning in Dundee is a Must for Your Office!
All companies employ people to take care of the regular cleaning and maintenance work at offices. However, this is not enough. A professional cleaning services Dundee company can do a lot that employees are not able to.

    Make an impression

    Imagine having grease stains on the carpet or drink spills on the reception upholstery that your employed cleaner can't get rid of. This would look very embarassing when a potential client comes over to your office. A professional cleaning job will not only make your office spotless and immaculately clean but fresh smelling too.

    Healthy employees

    The person you employ to clean your office may only get the dirt out from carpets and curtains superficially. A professional cleaning Dundee company will use the right amount of heat and pressure to steam clean everything thoroughly. Why is this necessary? Because dirt that has been lodged deep into the fibres becomes a breeding ground for microbes. This will lead to diseases and you will then have to deal with a lot of sick leaves!

    Boost productivity

    Investing some money in a professional company for cleaning services in Dundee will reap benefits. Employees will be motivated to work in a fresh and clean environment. Perhaps you have no idea how many of your employees are depressed about the unhygienic work area. Happy employees will work more and you won't have to compromise on productivity. Taking less sick leaves also increases productivity.

    Cleaning is best left to professionals as normal people employed to clean offices may not be that passionate about their job. They also lack the knowledge about cleaning products and have less expertise. Professional cleaners have all required tools and know the techniques to clean even the most difficult areas. One can approach professional cleaners for a thorough cleaning in Dundee at home too.

    Benefits of An Eco-friendly Cleaning Dundee Service!
    The world is going green and environmental friendly. Hence, people living in the UK have started looking for green cleaning Dundee service. When you opt for green cleaning, there are no harmful products used. This benefits the environment and the people residing within the house. There are several ways in which you can benefit by opting for green cleaning through the Dundee based companies. Have a look at them below:


    Fight with allergies:

    If your children are suffering from allergies and other problems, green cleaning is the best way out. This is because harsh chemicals found in these products have allergens. They trigger allergies making the conditions worsen. Dundee cleaning products are eco-friendly and they do not affect the immunity of children and elderly.

    Save yourself from toxics

    Some of the cleaning agents have toxic and dangerous elements which can cause harm to the skin and can lead you to have skin cancer. Moreover, such products also cause problems with your respiratory systems. As the products of Dundee cleaning agencies are not toxic, you can get better health with a sparkling house.

    COSHH certified agencies

    The best companies providing cleaning Dundee adhere to the regulations set by COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) and all their products are risk assessed. Moreover, the products are checked in accordance with health and safety procedures. As the staff is also trained about the products, they know what quantities to use.

    If you keep the above benefits in mind, you will be able to contribute your bit to the environment and also get plenty of health benefits. Before you strike a deal with any cleaning company based in Dundee you must make sure whether they provide with green cleaning at cost-effective rates or not. Have a great cleaning spree and choose the best!

    BTG 180 Turning Lives Around - call 214 470 5633
    BTG Charities is the realization of a lifelong dream of our founders, Randy & DeAr Jeffers.  It is their greatest passion to follow Christ’s command by coming to the aid of the world’s poor, sick, and suffering children.Most of us are so blessed to live in a great country where abundance flows and the “basics of life” are taken for granted, but that’s not so for millions of children around the world. call 214 470 5633.

    Hotels in Blackpool: Two Major Types to Choose From

    People generally head to a nice place during holidays that covers all the aspects like nature, a great town and shopping activities and landmarks. Blackpool is a seaside town of Lancashire at North West England. There are hotels in Blackpool which are known for their simplicity and economic package offered to their guests.

    Economic Hotels in Blackpool

    Blackpool has retained its traditional Victorian aspect in its hotel structure and also their traditional guest servings. People travelling with family can choose a nice b&b Cotswolds hotel in the UK known for their breakfasts and lunch servings. Some Blackpool hotels also allow their guests with pets for company and serve them excellently.

    With these types of economic hotels in Blackpool, people can go to visit exciting places in the city like visit the Blackpool towers, the local zoo, and the famous Blackpool illuminations, which are the lights display. A guest house Blackpool can also serve as a nice accommodation if one has planned a short visit to the city.

    Premium Hotels in Blackpool

    People who are looking for luxurious holiday can book hotels in Blackpool which have all the 3 star and 4 start amenities. These hotels have swimming pools, gyms, library, conference room, bar, personalized guest services like spa and massage, guided tour in the city etc.

    A guest house Blackpool can be booked online with other hotels in the city when a visit to the town is purely for professional reasons for a day or so. While taking advantage of a b&b Cotswolds hotel, one can visit museums, exhibitions, do shopping, visit the landmarks, etc in the city and relax at the bar during evenings. Internet can be accessed to get the best current deals and discounts offered by the hotels in Blackpool.

    Some websites offer a good choice of options to select a nice accommodation in the city and book a room in advance before landing in the city.

    Gluteos De Escandalo - Como Aumentar Los Gluteos Naturalmente Con Ejercicios
    Gluteos de Escandalo
    Aprende a como aumentar tus gluteos de manera natural con el libro de Sofia Santeliz Gluteos de Escandalo pdf formateada.


    Welcome Spring with These Popular Things to Do in London

    London, the capital of England and of the United Kingdom is a large global city that leads the way in entertainment, art and fashion. There are plenty of things to do in London and there is something for everyone. Whether you love historical splendour or modern architecture, busy streets or tranquil, London has it all!

    Welcome Spring

    With Spring approaching, what better way to welcome it than by strolling through London's gardens. London has several beautiful gardens and the flowers in bloom will delight you this month! One of the things to do in London this weekend would be to visit the 250 years old Royal Botanical Gardens that house over 30,000 plant species of plants. The gardens are also a World Heritage site. The Kensington Palace Gardens have varied landscapes that everyone will love. Other gardens that are worth seeing include Hampton Court Palace Gardens, Eltham Palace and Syon House and Gardens.

    Food and drinks

    Finding a good enough place to eat can be challenging when in a new city. What's on in London this weekend is the Street Feast at Hawker House, which is an indoor food market where one can find several choices of cuisines. The market has been inspired by Singapore's hawker centres. Street Feast is held every Friday and Saturday night and ends on the 22nd of March. Along with the food, you will also enjoy the lively atmosphere with Djs playing music, hipsters and families with kids thronging to the place to enjoy the best of London's street food. So eating here is definitely one of the things to do in London this weekend.

    Theatre and entertainment

    For theatre lovers, there are some great shows on that will intrigue adults as well as kids. Choose from The Lion King, The Commitments, Les Miserables, We Will Rock You or The Phantom of the Opera. Going to see ballet performances such as the Eifman Ballet, Coppelia, The Prince of the Pagodas tops the things to do in London list.


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