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What Should You Expect While Hiring Cleaning Services in Dundee!

Sometimes, people don't know what to expect from a commercial cleaning service, if they have not taken their services before. It should be noted that residential cleaning is totally contrasting to commercial cleaning. Commercial cleaning services Dundee depends on factors such as the size of the property, the number of times a property needs cleaning and the cost involved.

Analyze and Perform:

When contacted for the service, a commercial cleaning service will first analyze the property floors and prepare a plan before starting the work. The charges are decided on the type of the work they will do. It would be appropriate for a manager in charge to show them around the office premises to get acquainted better.

Methods implemented:

The Cleaning Dundee services clean carpets and the tile floors by steam cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, sweeping and sometimes polishing also. These services work in washrooms, restrooms, wash basins and sinks, mirrors, etc. Sometimes they suggest preliminary cleaning methods that can be undertaken once in a fortnight by the resident staff. It would be advisable for the manager to inquire if they also work on the outside windows, as it may not be mentioned in their policy. The inside windows glass are nevertheless cleaned by the services.

Extra cleaning:

If the need be, a manager can negotiate with the cleaning services Dundee for cleaning some of the areas such as canteen or break rooms. Some firms may not clean the break rooms, except that they may finish it off by just sweeping the floor or doing away with the trash. They are also expected to clean the furnishings, magazine stands or holders at the reception counter.


The cleaning services should take care to not damage the fabric of the furniture or the carpet. Generally, when a cleaning Dundee service is hired, they may ask for a regular cleaning schedule which can be accepted. The first cleaning may cost more to the company compared to subsequent cleanings. Call a cleaning service now for your commercial premise cleaning!

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